At Knit Me Sane we have designed the perfect accessory for fibre artists of all skill levels. Knitters, crocheters, and weavers can use The Project Planner to plan your year of crafting and yarn festivals, plan your shopping lists for future projects, and keep notes on your current projects.

The Project Planner boasts over 150 pages printed on premium recycled paper and a sleek and elegant design. It's even wire bound so that it stays open while you work! The cover is bound in black cloth and embossed with bronze foil, and features bronze wire.

Use the Year Planner to remind yourself of yarn festivals and workshops, and to plan when to make your next projects.

The Shopping List can be used to jot detailed notes on yarn you need to buy, and keep track of your stashed yarn. There is also an area to attach business cards from your favourite shops and designers.

Use the Project Details section for... (You guessed it!) Details of your projects! Scribble notes to remind yourself of your row, colour choices, pattern sizes and variants. There is even a pattern chart where you can jot down details to avoid having to keep referring to the pattern!

There is also a host of useful information, including a dictionary of yarn terms, knitting and crochet abbreviations, conversion tables for needle sizes, and yarn weights and their alternative names.

The Project Planner



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